Fishing Waters

A fishing trip can take place in different waters. The waters we fish are the river Maas, Bergsche Maas, Waal and the Biesbosch. However, there is also an opportunity to fish in other waters, this will be decided in consultation.

Please click on the logo of the slipway on the map for more information about the relevant waters and the address of this slipway.

Maas - Well
The source of the Maas is in France, then it flows through Belgium and the Netherlands. The Maas then goes west via the Bergsche Maas and Amer to the Hollands Diep. Because the Maas is a rain river the water level can vary greatly. To get better access to the Maas, and make it more navigable, seven dams are built into this river in the Netherlands. The slipway for this river is at the bottom of the embankment at restaurant 't Veerhuis Wells (Wellsedijk 29, 5325 XN Well). From this point we can fish on the river Maas towards the dam that’s located in Lith. We can also go the other way in which the Maas splits in Heusden into the dammed Maas and Bergsche Maas.
The predatory fish we can catch in the Maas are: pike, zander, perch and asp.

Waal - Woudrichem
The Waal is one of the largest and fastest flowing rivers in the Netherlands. De Waal flows from the Rijn at Pannerden through Nijmegen, Tiel and Zaltbommel to the Merwede in Woudrichem. Many ships sail the Waal because the main shipping route to Germany from Rotterdam is the Waal. The Waal flows from Woudrichem into the Merwede and then flows to the North Sea via different routes. The slipway for this river is located in the marina WSV Woudrichem (Schapendam 2, 4285 XA Woudrichem). From the marina we can go in different directions. If we go right, we will fish the river Waal to Zaltbommel, if we turn left the Waal turns into the Merwede and we follow this direction to Gorinchem.
The predatory fish we can catch in the Waal are mainly zander and asp, and to a lesser extent perch and pike, which does not mean that thay can’t be found in the Waal.

The Biesbosch - Werkendam
National Park the Biesbosch is a protected area and the largest freshwater tidal area in Europe. There are many willow scrub and woodland of sub-montane and lowland river shoals and terraces, creeks and various animals. The most famous inhabitant in the Biesbosch has to be the beaver, the pride of the Biesbosch. The Biesbosch meets the river Amer in the south which then becomes the Hollands Diep. The slipway for the Biesbosch is located in marina Oversteeg (Spieringsluis 5, 4251 MR Werkendam). From the marina we will move into the Biesbosch and immediately start fishing.
The most common predators in the Biesbosch are: pike, zander, perch and asp.