Predatory fishing with fishing guide Rivierenland

Let’s introduce myself.  My name is Hans Rochat and I was born in 1964 on the Wilhelminasluis in Andel, a village on the dammed river. Born and raised as the son of a lock keeper I grew up with and around water. As a child I spent many hours on the water. At a young age I started fishing, first with a bamboo rod for roaches. Later on with worms for sticklebacks. I quickly purchased the first swimbait called Mr. Twister. This had some good results and the “predatory fishing virus” arose.

It didn’t take long before the first boat came along and this opened up an entire new world. You could suddenly reach places that were previously inaccessible from the side of the water. The surrounding rivers like the Waal and Maas were accessible and also the Biesbosch started to become a regular fishing spot. Over the years, the knowledge of these waters became bigger I decided I wanted to share this knowledge as a fishing guide.

One of the highlights in our fishing season is de annual fishing trip to Sweden. We will go there with our own boat to corner, mainly pike, with all kinds of lures and techniques. You should mainly think of casting with jerkbaits or trolling with small and large plugs. However, in the last couple of years, catching pike and pikeperch in this beautiful country has become a nice addition!